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The next innovation in Enterprise Resource Planning technology.

The wholesome© SPS Configurator helps you get up to speed with SPS and sets up sockets for you on commonly used bases!

SPS is a new system that implements aim assist for your key moments in VR.

Integrated into VRCFury, it is a free solution that even supports Poiyomi Toon 7.3 and other shaders like lilToon.

It is being continuously further developed and improved by the developers of VRCFury and its notable features you can see below:

Supported Bases:

Panda, ImLeXz, Tori Base, TVF, Zin Fit, Zin RP, Venus

Useable on other bases with Generic mode





Enable auto mode and you won't need to toggle your sockets!


1. Install VRCFury and the wholesome© SPS Configurator using the Creator Companion

Follow Download and Install | VRCFury

wholesome© SPS Configurator's Install instruction are on the content page, after purchasing the product for free on Gumroad.

2. Open Tools > Wholesome > SPS Configurator and select your Avatar

3. Select your Avatar's base and the foot type, your wanted socket positions and click on Apply.

4. Move the sockets to your liking by clicking on a sockets gizmo

Usually the sockets should be already on their perfect positions

5. Done!

Hit on upload and you will see the menu under SPS! The following steps will show you how to test and customize SPS



To test the socket and plug animations in the Unity Editor, you will need to use a Avatar emulator.

VRCFury applies it features only during Play Mode or when you upload an Avatar.

Gesture Manager is the recommended emulator to use with VRCFury and can be installed with the Creator Companion under Manage Projects:

Testing Depth Animations using the included Test Plug

1. Add Gesture Manager to the Scene

2. Click on Add test plug to Avatar in the SPS Configurator

3. Go into Play Mode and wait for VRCFury to process

4. Click on the Gesture Managar Game Object in the Hierachy window and toggle on the socket that you want to test

5. Move the test plug in and out to view your animation


You can create complex depth animations using SPS

As an example we will animate the blendshapes of that socket. The first blendshape will open up when a plug gets close before entering. The second will animate when the plug is inside and will get bigger the deeper the plug is.

1. Select the socket

2. Enable Depth Animations

3. Hit the "+" to add an animation

4. Click on Add Action and select BlendShape

5. Press on Select and find the Blendshape

6. In Distance when animation begins type in 0.03 to start the animation 3 cm before the socket

7. In Distance when animation is maxed type in 0.005 to end the animation 5 mm before the socket

8. Set Smoothing to 0.03

Smoothing, like the name says, smooths the animation over time, but the animation will be perceived as delayed. That's why we chose a low smoothing amount to get a reactive animation. Set it to 0 to deactivate smoothing.

Sometimes an Avatar can have a large amount of Blendshapes, which makes it hard to find a specific Blendshape using the Select button.
We can also type in the Blendshape name directly into the text field. Let's add the second animation.

To add another depth animation press on the "+" again.
This time we type in the Blendshape name manually, which is Expand 2 Big.

We let the animation begin parameter stay at 0, but the animation max parameter we set to -0.075, which is 7.5 cm inside the socket. Smoothing is set a bit higher to 0.05.

Using Gesture Manager and going into Play Mode we can test our full animation


  • Hide SPS sockets grouped in a Game Object to remove clutter in the scene using Unity's Hide function (H shortcut)




When distributing an Avatar package using SPS, the wholesome© SPS Configurator is not required as an dependency.

Because SPS ships with VRCFury, it is required and the recommended way to distribute VRCFury is to refer your customers to installing it over the Creator Companion and treat it as a dependency just like Poiyomi Shader (which is btw also available over the Creator Companion).


VRCFury has many more features other than SPS. It works non-destructive and its features only get applied to your Avatar when you upload or go into Play Mode. It enables

Its advantages are:

  • Non-destructive workflow
    • Features are only applied in Play Mode or during upload
  • Make modular composable Avatar prefabs
  • Create toggles for your Avatar using its Toggle feature
  • Use the Full Controller feature to merge FX layers, menus, and parameters with your Avatar
    • With automatic animation repathing!
  • Armature link to merge clothes or other props onto your avatar
  • And many more!

wholesome© Lollipop uses VRCFury to enable a easy drag and drop setup.

GoGo Locomotion ships with a VRCFury prefab to support a drag and drop setup, instead of having to manually merge assets with your Avatar.


  1. Credit by Gumroad shop page, if you used this tool in your Avatar



  • Added placeholder Override Icon features to VRCFury root avatar component
  • Added parameter usage
  • Use raycasting to refine mouth position detection (first step towards fully generalized socket positions)
  • Fix hip length scaling


  • Add support for TVF Standard Base


  • Fix an error when Unity assigned the Armature game object as a hip bone


  • Show dialog error message instead of silently failing
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Unity tool plugin script for Unity & Avatar Development

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wholesome© SPS Configurator w/ Sound FX

1671 ratings
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